What makes us different?


Duke of Edinburgh

Ghausia Girls High School has initiated a partnership with the local Youth Hub and are in the process of registering pupils to take part in the ‘Duke of Edinburgh’ Awards.

These awards are a great way of expanding pupil’s skills and allow them to build on their confidence. This scheme will equip pupils with key tools which will help prepare them for the life they will face outside school. It will also test pupils courage and determination.

Bikeability (1)


All pupils at Ghausia were given the opportunity to learn how to ride a bike. This encouraged pupils to develop their skills and become confident in their own abilities.

It also allowed pupils to enjoy learning outside the classroom environment. Bikeability is the only nationally recognised cycle training award scheme. The training takes place away from traffic in a controlled location. They are taught and assessed by qualified instructors. Pupils receive the certificate of Bikeability Level 1.


Fire Safety Ambassadors

The school is working in partnership with Lancashire Fire & Rescue service. Pupils were selected to work closely with the Fire Service and trained to become Fire Ambassadors.

Awareness within the Asian community was raised by flagging safety issues in the home when cooking which was organised within the school. They are given a voice and engage with professionals to make their society better.

Foodparcels : Helping The Local Community

The staff and families of our students donate non-perishable food items for the needy in Burnley and Pendle. The students present the food in parcels that are personalised with kind messages. The food parcels are distributed by the Salvation Army


Fairs, Fun & Fundraisers held throughout the year.

The school is an independent school and does rely on community support; fundraisers are a way of promoting the school and strengthen ties with the community. Fundraisers also generate valuable income which allows the school to progress. We encourage our pupils to take part in planning and organising fundraisers and welcome their suggestions, we feel our pupils are a central part of the school and their feedback and input is vital to our success. We have one annual fundraiser which is open to the public and is our ‘Summer Fair’ along with having smaller fundraisers and events organised within school. We also organised a ‘Ghausia Food Fair’ which was organised by the pupils at Ghausia and all members of the public were welcomed to the event. The fair was enjoyed by all and positive feedback was received by all that attended.


StudentVoice: Giving our pupils a voice in the matters that mean most to them..

The school has a student council in place. The student council consists of two pupils from each year group. These pupils are the voice of the school. Meetings are held on a weekly basis. Pupils discuss any issues or concerns they might experience. This is an opportunity for pupils to share ideas and give suggestions on how their experience in school can be improved. Pupils’ suggestions and ideas are taken seriously and an effort made to implement effective changes in accordance with their feedback. The student council is an effective way of involving pupils within the school and allowing them to take on responsibility.


School Trips

The school will make every effort to take pupils on various educational trips during the year. The Year 10 pupils visited the British Media Museum at the start of this academic year.The ks3 pupils went to see a Hindu temple in Preston and a Cathedral as part of an interfaith project in December.The school also arranges a whole day end-of-year trip, which usually takes place towards the end of summer term.  All pupils are expected to meet the costs of the activities and the school ensures risk assessments are carried out for all trips.


Holocaust Memorial : Walk of Hope

Ghausia Girls High School has participated in the ‘Walk of Hope’. Staff and students from Nelson and Colne College Sixth Form joined forces for their second Walk of Hope, a community event to support charitable causes while raising awareness of social, political and economic inequalities worldwide.

This event is a memorial service for all those who lost their lives during the ‘Holocaust’; it consists of a five mile walk. More than 100 participants set off from the campus, including staff and students from Ghausia Girls High school, Nelson and Colne College, and students from local high schools including Fisher-More and Pendle Vale. Guests including Fr Chris Gorton, Deputy Mayor of Pendle Councillor Nadeem Ahmed, Imam Qari Khalid and representatives from the police attended to promote positive relationships and help make the route safe.