The School Day

There are six lessons which take place daily. Each day starts and ends with a prayer. Please find below a breakdown of a school day at Ghausia:

Registration                                                    08.50– 09.00
Lesson 1                                                           09.00– 09.50
Lesson 2                                                          09.50– 10.40
Break                                                                 10.40 – 11.00
Lesson 3                                                            11.00 –  11.50
Lesson 4                                                            11.50 – 12.40
Lunch & Salaah                                                12.40 – 01.30
Lesson 5                                                           01.30 – 02.20
Lesson 6                                                           02.20 – 03.10
End of School                                                  03.10

Currently the school does not have any canteen facilities and pupils are required to bring packed lunches.

Pupils can buy a selection of fresh fruits, toast and orange juice etc. during break and lunch time. Currently lunch is being offered one day of the week by an outside catering company.

At Ghausia Girls High School we embrace the ethos of healthy eating which is encouraged.

What makes us different?

Zuhr Prayers
The pupils are encouraged to pray their Zuhr salaat during the school day.
Start with Surat Fatiha
Each lesson begins with the recitation of Surat al Fatiha
End the Day with Dua
The pupils gather in the hall and a dua is collectively read together  to mark the end of the school day.